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Partnership is key to what we do here in Lady-to-Lady. Our partners join in the great work to ensure that we carry out our mission of reaching out to ladies here in the UK and beyond with the message of hope, peace, love and faith - the gospel message. Our message and work keeps expanding and it has reached out to thousands of ladies which has led to countless testimonies in their various facets of their lives including, families, career, businesses, marriage, education. We are proud of our partners and the great work they do every month in ensuring that one more lady never gives up on their life but rather step into their God-given purpose with boldness.

Because of our Partners, we have consistently supported the Inner City Children mission project and have now taken the gospel message to the beautiful country of Angola. These are just some of the great work we have been able to do through your partnership.

As a partner, you may never be able to do what you've done so far on your own but by partnering with us, we have come together to make a great difference in the lives of many. Our dear partners have brought hope to many, restored families, brought about healing to dead circumstances and kept the fire burning in the hearts of many. 

We are thankful and grateful for the great work you all do. We love and appreciate you our dear partners for joining hands together with us in this great work we've been commissioned to do.

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