Lady-to-Lady Conference is an extraordinary conference where the presence of God is experienced tangibly and has a special place in God's heart. The conference carries with it an experience that words cannot perfectly express. While we will love to describe this experience, we are equally aware that no words could perfectly express such experience hence why you will have to be present to experience it yourself. All we can say is that the experience inspires and brings about Hope, Faith and Love.

Each year is different and 2018 edition will not be an exception. The theme for 2018 is The Glory . You will be clothed in His Glory that will separate and position you for greater works, which will be evident for all to see. As it is written, "The glory of the latter will surely surpass the former". Glory!

Are you ready to move to the next level in aAre you pregnant with a dream, a vision or an idea that you are ready to birth? Then Lady-to-Lady conference 2018 is the right place to be. Lady-to-Lady will continually be on a mission to impact ladies to be confident in who they are in Christ and live out their God given purpose here on earth.